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Yeyian Gaming Mouse Pad Krieg 1080 - Model: YSS-MP1080N

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  • - The Mousepad Krieg 1080 is made of a water-resistant and slip-resistant material. It also has a unique art design.
  • - Effectively prevent accidental damage from spilled liquid or other accidents making it easy to keep clean and not delay your gaming time.
  • - With an anti-skid design it will provide a stable surface for your mouse, preventing your mouse from sliding.
  • - Cuenta con dimensiones de 800mm de largo 400mm de ancho, 3mm grueso y 0.68kg. Medidas perfectas para acomodar tu teclado gaming y tu mouse dentro de la alfombrilla de ratón Krieg 1080 si lo deseas.

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Yeyian Gaming Mouse Pad Krieg 1080 - Model: YSS-MP1080N

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